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Get The Look...A Scandinavian Nursery 

October 23, 2013
Get The Look...A Scandinavian Nursery

Get the look: A Nordic Nursery

Scandinavian design has become increasingly influential in Australian homes, and indeed across fashion trends in general. Simplistic, refined, sophisticated; Scandinavian interiors shun clutter and instead embrace a raw, natural, fresh appeal. This clean simplicity lends itself especially well to a nursery.

Here we look north for nursery inspiration, and find out what makes the Scandinavian touch work just so beautifully.

Less is always more

Products focusing on fine craftsmanship are not only integral to Scandinavian design, they form its very backbone.

• This can be achieved in small touches such as these exquisite Bajo and OyOy toys, which use natural quality materials that display centuries-old craftsmanship.

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• Equally evident is the skill that goes into creating Scandinavian rugs, which capture attention and make the most of a nursery floor. Olli Ella rugs are not only a lot of fun, but the wool and attention to detail gives an instant warmth and softness to any nursery


Function never gives way to style.

On the contrary, Scandinavian design regards the two with equal merit, and works to create interiors that are as practical as they are pleasing to the eye.

• A cot and change table, such as the remarkable cot & dresser from Leander (imported by the Danish by Design fine-eye team), would have to be two of the most purposeful items of furniture in any nursery. These pieces most definitely allow Scandinavian design to truly be celebrated in all its effortless style, yet they still deliver a level of practicality that is paramount for a well-functioning nursery.

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Photo Credit: Alisa & Lysandra

• Another example of practical perfection is the Oeuf Mini Library – a most wonderful bookshelf designed with great simplicity, this piece will provide years of robust use by budding bookworms

mini library

Modernity in geometry

Refined geometric patterns are synonymous with Scandinavian design, and in nurseries they are most logically and easily introduced through bedding and furnishings.

• A great example is bed linen from Cam Cam Copenhagen, whose designs are inspired by Japanese patterns, French refinement and combined with Scandinavian minimalism. All Cam Cam bedding is made from the softest GOTS organic-certified cotton which is 100% Eco-friendly, free of toxins and are only coloured with natural colouring.

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An uncomplicated palette

Think of Scandinavia and one naturally thinks of snow, birch trees, and crisp winter days. It’s therefore little surprise that Scandinavian design draws on nature’s palette to create predominately neutral tones and colours – positively perfect if you don’t belong to the pink or blue school, or if you’re waiting to find out whether your little one will be a boy or a girl.

• One of the most stunning examples we can suggest here is the Space to Create Loft Armchair – perfect for resting, feeding and organizing. Space to Create’s original Loft Armchair has a beautiful blue colour that will perfectly complement any Scandi-inspired nursery

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