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Meet The Maher Family

October 28, 2013
Meet The Maher Family

How To Create The Perfect Nursery

The perfect nursery can be the most charming of rooms and a beautiful place for a little one to call home. Yet it is also a combination of practicality, convenience and ambience. We caught up with former media presenter and founder of the Help Me Help You app, Emma Race, to get her thoughts on the topic. Mother to three-and-a-half year old Millie and two-and-a-half year old Sophie, Emma and her husband, television host and SEN radio presenter Andy Maher, have their third little one on the way. It’s nursery time again for this family!

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Emma’s top three tips for a functional nursery are:

  1. Temperature regulation “Becoming too hot or cold is of course potentially dangerous for such a vulnerable little one, so keep the room at a comfortable and regulated temperature.”

  2. A feeding chair “We actually opted for a rocking chair as both my babies have been Caesarean, so getting in and out of a big, solid chair whilst holding a little pea wee would have been far too problematic for me. This way, I just push a few times and we’re out! An accompanying foot stool is also great as this takes pressure off the back when feeding.”

  3. Lighting “The last thing you want to do during night feeds is turn the room light on and startle both you and your baby. A lamp is a really lovely way to give a nursery a warm glow and enable you to get things done.”

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Convenience is also key to a good-working nursery. Emma always makes sure everything is within one-arm reach, for one-hand only.

Emma’s tips on keeping a nursery convenient:

  1. One-hand reach “With brand new little ones, I am mindful to always have a hand on them when something is being done, such as nappy changing or dressing. So I have to have wipes, nappies, towels etc all easy to reach with one hand only,” says Emma.
  2. Wheels “We have a Stokke cot on wheels, which is great for giving the nursery a flexible layout, and for that transition time when your little one is moving from cot to bed. They might want to take a day nap in the big bed, but move to the cot at night.”
  3. A big bed “We have a single bed in the nursery right from the get go. This way it is just a natural part of the surrounds that is there from day one, so it’s not that big a deal when it comes to transitioning time. It’s also handy if ever I need to just have a lie down in the same room.”

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For a beautiful nursery, Emma has no end of ideas and loves keeping an eye open for bespoke and gorgeous finds.

  1. Mobiles “I would never hang a mobile over my baby’s cot and to be honest, I find a lot of them a little scary looking, so I opt more for bunting than mobiles. That said we found a lovely Jolie Petite Chose that we’ve hung from the ceiling in the centre of the room just moves around gently and silently so it doesn’t over-stimulate.”

  2. Walls and Blinds
    “Family photos, gorgeous prints, older sibling’s drawings – artwork on walls and lining shelves adds instant character and warmth to a nursery. We had our pink blinds tailor-made and I couldn’t resist adding the prettiest spotted wallpaper I could find.”

  3. Toys “Toys give a nursery heart. Keeping toys out on display and in easy reach is what a much-loved nursery is all about.”

Keeping blind cords away from a child’s reach, removing bumpers and any other padded items from a cot and putting locks on windows for when babies grow into monkeys are other ideas for keeping a nursery safe and snug.

Favourite finds for Emma’s babies’ nursery:

• Stokke cot

view here

• Red Plum linen

1242271076RPL 20boy 20bunting 202
view here

• Parenthood furniture

view here

• Cocoon Couture beanbag

Monkey Bean Bag

view here

• Jolie Petite Chose mobile

• Antique rocking chair

Teamson Kids Alphabet Rocking Chair

view here

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