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Last Night...Halloween!

November 01, 2013
Last Night...Halloween!

We hope you all had as much fun with your kids yesterday walking the streets of your neighbourhood as we did!

We can't quite believe the momentum behind Halloween this year! How did all the kids get into the whole idea of trick-or-treating? Fortunately we seem to have skipped the trick part of that equation.

DSC 1276

Even though the whole Halloween thing doesn't feel completely Australian, there is something nice about spending time with the kids visiting the neighbours. Our kids have so few opportunities to feel freedom walking the streets with their friends. Thank you to all those households out there that indulged many small children with a smile and a lolly!

DSC 1905

Our kids certainly burned off most of the sugar by running from one house to the next with Mum or Dad in tow.

Kids Halloween

There were many fun an creative costumes out and about!.