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Christmas Decorations

December 16, 2013
Christmas Decorations

The night was warm, the kids were in bed They’d left out some food for the deer pulling the sled

They’d made some bickies and a cup of tea

For Santa because they knew how thirsty he’d be

The parents were tired – it was time to crash Thank goodness Santa had been online for this year’s prezzie stash He’d made life easy, it had been such a time saver He’d got all he needed from his favourite, TiniTrader

Great minds think alike, for isn’t it true You were on TiniTrader for your Christmas shopping, too?
The site made it easy, so easy to see Everything you needed, right down to the tree In fact aren’t they so clever, the Down to the Woods folk To come up with a mini Christmas tree


Down to the Woods, you will have heard

Also design tree decorations like this gorgeous Hanging Bird

Down tot the Wood Hanging Bird

Speaking of beautiful ornaments to hang this season

We can’t go past Mibo Festive Friends

Festive Friends
you’ll see why for good reason

Don’t forget the front door, it really is key

To showing your joy in the festivity

We love a gorgeous wreath; that is for sure

Down to the Woods do one in pompoms

pom poms
that will add glam to your door

Or would you prefer a garland, one that’s simply so sweet?

Then this Little Lamb is surely so hard to beat

And inside the home, how do you give

A touch of the silly season to where you live?

We couldn’t go past this kitsch-but-so-cute décor, isn’t it swell

From Down to the Woods - Woollen Toadstools in a Glass Bell

Glass bell

But now let’s turn attention to the present pack Nothing quite beats a gorgeous Santa sack

It’s just so lovely under the tree

These delightful Cradle Rock

Santa Sack
and Moppit Cabin Co
Star Sack
bags for all eyes to see

But if you’re more stocking than sack when it comes to December

This delightful number from Down to the Woods

is one to remember

And if your little girl delights in her Lundby Doll House

Then you can’t go past these decorations

Christmas Decorations
– they’re as small as a mouse!

Or does her house need just that little bit more?

Then she really will delight in the Lil’ Christmas Door

Christmas Door

What about characters that are in the festive mood?

These puppets from Gotz !

Gotz Christmas
will add colour to her mini brood!

But is something crafty more in line with what you are after?

Alex Crafty Christmas

alex craft  Christmas
will bring plenty of creativity and laughter

Whatever the gift, whatever the reason

We wish you a safe, festive and fun holiday season!