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Summer Holidays 

December 26, 2013
Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are here!

Let’s face it – we’ve all been holding on for dear life waiting for the break to begin. Now it’s here, what are some tried and tested ways to keep the kids entertained over the long summer spell? Here at we don’t think you can go past a quality game. So we’ve pulled together some ideas to get us all started!

Splish Splash

Water to a kid is like saucepans to a toddler – endless hours of fun! Kids love to get wet and nothing keeps a child more entertained than time in the pool or by the beach. Hello, Summer fun!

The Happy Hop water slide

9517 crocodile water slide
takes the outback wet slippery slide to a whole new level! Kids can slip down his tail or shoot out from his mouth – you can practically hear the squeals of joy with this one!

Happy Hop definitely knows how to make the most of a water slide. The Happy Hop Mini Water Park

Happy Hop Mini Water Park
is exactly what the name suggests – you’re forgiven for thinking your kids have their very own Wet and Wild outside!

Did someone say water war? Forget buckets – the Pumponator Water Balloon Station

Pumponator Water Ballon Pumping Station
is set to win any water backyard battle. Just fill the Pumponator with water, pump it up to ten times to build pressure, and insert a flat balloon around the nozzle… And get the kids ready to saturate!

Thorpey would be jealous! The Splash Frame Pool

Splash frame Pool
features rust resistant galvanized frames and can comfortably fit four kids who want to splash away the day.

If you want your kids to get the most out of pool or beach time, the Exotic Surf Rider

is an inflatable board that will have the kids skimming along the surface and having a ball!

So you’re kids prefer the creeks and rivers to pools and ocean? Not a worry - Haba Terra Kids Fishing Rod and Safety Net

has them covered. Complete with a zippered bag, telescopic fishing rod and landing net, 25 hooks, two floats and a split shots weight tin, this nifty ensemble says happy camper!

Burning Up Energy in the Backyard

In need of a game that gives your kids so many playing options? The Ogo Sports Pack

Sports Pack
is a super smart innovation, letting the kids bounce, throw and catch their way through all sorts of fun sporty games.

Top Gun step aside – the Britz Lever Launcher

Lever Launcher
has glided into town! The kids just need to throw it and then sit back and watch it glide to touch down – or maybe they can try and catch it before it lands!

The Hover Soccer Game

Hover Soccer Game
looks like something Marty might have played with in Back To The Future! Gliding on air (over smooth surfaces only) like a hovercraft, the Hover Soccer even has a protective bumper, making it perfect for indoor entertainment if need’s be.

The Soft Touch Sherrin Youth Football

Sherrin Soft Touch Youth Football
is for all those budding AFL players who go to bed dreaming of the MCG. Who knows – if they start early enough with this great stepping stone football, they might just get there…!

Kids and kites just go hand-in-hand, don’t they? How many hours can be spent in the park or by the beach flying kites with everyone? It’s just a great past-time and beautiful to watch. Mad Dog Stunt Kite

Mad Dog Stunt Kite
is most definitely a stunning kite to watch – it’s bold geometric design and bright colours will have the kids mesmerised!

The Aussies are not looking too bad going into the cricket season this year! Certainly the Aussie Slasher Complete Set

Aussie Slasher Complete Set
will delight any budding cricketer – a backyard game of cricket just got a whole lot more serious!

Save it for a Rainy Day

None of us seem especially impressed when Mother Nature ruins a great summer’s day with a constant battering of rain, least of all the kids. Don’t worry – these games have everyone covered (and avoiding any chance of cabin fever).

The ThinkFun Pathwords Game

ThinkFun   PathWords Game
combines the best of Tetris and Word Search so in other words, a serious challenge!

Screwball Scramble

Tomy Screwball Scramble
calls on coordination and pace as kids race through a crazy maze!

Scrabble Banter

Mattel Scrabble Banter
is all about quickly calling out questions and challenges for family and friends – get ready for plenty of hijinks with this one!

Rory’s Story Cube

Rory s Story Cubes VOYAGES
gets the wits super sharp and lets the imagination go wild!

The North Pole Camouflage Game

Smart Games North Pole Camouflage game
is a fun logic game for kids over the age of six.

Castle Logix

Castle Logix
lets kids build the most magical castles from beautifully coloured wooden blocks.

We think we’ve managed to cover quite a few bases with all these games! Whatever you do, wherever you are over these summer holidays, we wish you and your family a safe and super fun break.