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Jasper and Eughan cool picks!

January 28, 2014
Jasper and Eughan cool picks!

Are we showing our age when we think about Tom Hanks and his movie, “Big”? The one about a grown man who becomes trapped in his childhood body? Once he pulls himself off the floor from the shock of it, he gets right into the groove and eventually ends up consulting to all the grown-ups of a big business about what kids really like.

Well, these summer holidays we found ourselves at work one day with a few of our colleagues’ kids, and so we had our very own Big moment, more or less! We referred to the experts, who jumped on and created their very own wish list, with some super cute expert commentary to boot!

We hope you enjoy reading their list as much as they had fun pulling it together. Thanks, Jasper and Eughan, and we will wait for your bill in the mail!

Grit Extremist Freestyle Scooter

17301 Grit Extremist Pink Black

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This pink and black scooter oozes street cred. Jasper and Eughan think it’s ‘cool for dropping into the bowl at the skate park’. Enough said, really!

Ezy Roller

Ezy ryder

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A great combination of bike balance meets scooter fun. With no chain or pedals, the Ezy Roller gets about as quiet and quick as a snake. Its no-marking wheels are also ideal for indoors or outdoors. As our consultants sum up nicely, ‘perfect for kids who like wheels’.

Lego Sydney Opera House


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Why try and build Rome in a day when it looks like the Sydney Opera House could keep young ones busy for weeks?! In fact, our experts have confirmed as much, stating this is definitely ‘a massive project for rainy days’.

Bullet Ramp Street Cruiser 28”


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These retro-looking, swallow-tail boards will have newbies cruising the street in style. Our resident dudes have declared this a ‘good starter practice board for beginners’.

Britz n Pieces Lever Launcher


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There is something a little mesmerising about this Lever Launcher Glider! Just throw it in the air and watch it make its way gracefully and silently back down to earth. Catch it if you can. Jasper and Eughan agree this is ‘awesome for summer’.

Lego Head Hunter

Starwars lego

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Now although this game is all about navigating spacecraft through intergalactic challenges, our young brains trust have researched their data and concluded that ‘this will definitely make you smarter!’ Are they trying to get a message through to mum and dad, we wonder?

Feyuie White Multi-tone Canvas Shoe

Feiyue White multi tone

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The original Feyuie harps back to 1920s Shanghai, believe it or not. Since then it’s been picked up by the French and enjoyed a completely cool revival. We can’t help but imagine this with the Grit Extremist for the ultimate in Little Funkster. As our designer duo says, ‘these are the pick for parties!’

Little Horn Boys Cut Back Boardies

Little Horn Boys Cut Back Boardies

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These surfie print boardies look like they’ve come straight out of Hawai’i. Jasper and Eughan declare them ‘good for the beach’. Good to know, fellas!

Sudo Singlet – Great White

Sudo   singlet   great white

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This singlet is pretty gorgeous. Our ‘couple of cool’ got a bit whimsical on us and referred to it as ‘summer bliss’!

Scalextric Bathurst Showdown


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An Australian-only release, the boys agree that this would make for a top ‘inside project with Dad’.

Scalextric Start Battle of Endor Star Wars

Starwars game

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With famous characters captured in wonderful miniature detail, our talented team recommend this ‘for fans of Star Wars’. These two know a target market!

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

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Two mega loops, motorised boosters, crash zones; it’s good to hear from the experts that this is indeed ‘perfect for car fans’.

Janod Maxi Kitchen

Janod kitchen

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Complete with an oven, hotplate, sink and storage, this is just right for the budding kitchen aficionado! Our consultants took a trip down memory lane with this (back to the good old times) confirming the Janod is ‘an old favourite from Kinder days!’

Playworld Swing Sets

Swing set

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Not mere swings, the Playworld Swing Sets also feature a water slide, roman rings/trapeze bar, side ladder and even a fireman’s pole. As Jasper and Eughan concluded, this is ‘perfect for the backyard’. Again – possibly a message there for mum and dad…?

We are looking forward to having our fantastic consultants, Jasper and Eughan, back again! A big thanks, you two!