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Newborn Essentials Checklist

Congratulations - you're pregnant! This is a very exciting time but can also be very overwhelming with the extensive range of 'must have' baby products available. Don't freak out! Our baby product expert has put together a checklist below to ensure you are prepared without going overboard.


There are other popular prams on the market in all different prices and features. You need both a bassinet and seat.

Great pram brands include (but are not limited to)...

  • Joolz - on the more expensive side but it has great reviews and this is our personal favourite pram to push. It also has great storage space which is really important (you will discover this).

  • UppaBaby - this is similar to the Joolz but is lighter and less expensive. We think this has the best storage out of any pram we have come across.

  • Bugaboo Buffalo - many mums love this pram but it isn't for everyone. It is also the most expensive one on the market. If you are traveling in sand and snow, this is a great pram! If you don't need it for that, you could go for the ones mentioned above. The Buffalo is a good pram as it is made for tall babies - the others are standard size. Not as good storage space as the Joolz and Uppababy but we do love this pram. The other one is the most common, the Cameleon, we have some pretty good deals on this one too!

There are other popular prams on the market in all different prices and features. The ones we have mentioned are some of our best sellers. Other popular brands include the Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger. The only thing I would say with thiese is that the seat doesn't go the whole way up which means when your baby is about 1 and a half, he/she is wanting to lean forward and see what's going on and hold a bar to get a better view when you're walking. That's where the Uppababy, Joolz and Bugaboo (and the new Baby Jogger) are great!

This is the new Baby Jogger. It is 2-3kg lighter than their original (their original is probably the heaviest pram on the market). We really like this pram and it is very new to the market - they have just launched it!

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We would say that the biggest things that differentiate a cot is the price and quality of the wood. All cots are Australian standards, its more the look you want. The one thing you do need is the two different levels - the higher level for when they are new borns and the lower level for then they can pull up themselves - about 10 months old.

Babyletto cots are very hot at the moment and have an amazing price point!

The Sunbury is an affordable cot which is really easy to put together.

Then you have the traditional Boori- these are very solid and the brand has been around for a long time. Great cots and you will never have a problem with this one. The high level on Boori cots are traditionally higher than other brands of cots.

We also adore the Oeuf brand too. It is important to note that they are a bit dearer due to their high quality and design.

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Firstly, if there is one thing you can save on it is on car seats - ALL car seats have to meet Australia standards so price does not matter. We suggest that you get a capsule and then a car seat for when he/she turns 9-12 months (about). They can be in a capsule up to a year depending on their size - Australian standards say they have to be in the capsule up to 12 months now. Capsules are easier to carry your baby in and out of the car especially if they are sleeping. So you can just slot the capsule onto the pram.

Capsule - We would suggest the Maxi Cosi as the adapters for this car seat match most prams. Most prams (in the description) say they can fit Maxi Cosi adapters. Double check by contacting the seller.

Car Seat - as mentioned price point doesn't matter - I would go for one that says 0 to 4 years. Don't get 0 to 8 years, you don't need it. By the time your child is 8, they will be either in a normal seat or a booster. There are two types - ISOFIX and normal. Check your car to see if it has ISOFIX. There are so many options and price points!

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Carrier & Slings

Not necessary but can be an option. You can use a baby carrier as soon as your baby is born - just double check the owner's manual to make sure they meet the minimum weight requirement!

Babywearing is an increasingly popular trend. It keeps your hands free, it is an alternative to always taking out your stroller on the go and intensifies the bond between you and your baby.

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Definitely get one of these - great for entertainment from about 2-3 months especially after they feed.

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Swaddles & Wraps

Initially you will wrap your baby like a swaddle with arms across their body.

Swaddle bags are also now available which help you keep your baby's arms in - the easy zip minimises fuss! If your baby is struggling to get their arms out and not sleeping because of this, give Love to Dream a try - your baby can keep their arms down or outside of the swaddle.

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Sleeping Bags

When you see the different tog ratings, these are the thickness and warmth of the sleeping bag. These are for when your baby has arms fully out. Tog ratings range from 0.5 TOG (hot temperatures) to 3.5 TOG (cool temperatures).

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Must haves for your newborn baby:

  • Temperature Reader - this will tell you the temp of the room by just looking at the colour - red is too hot, blue is too cold. Great product!!!

  • Monitor - there are many out there but we recommend getting one that reads movement and sound. Don't get a video one as this might freak you out - when the baby is sleeping, they are not moving really so you might find yourself staring at it to see some sort of movement. The mats aren't for everyone either as sometimes the baby can end up in the corner of the cot and the beepers will go off which will freak you out as well. Go with what you feel comfortable with.

  • Bassinet Can go wherever you go. Must have a breathable structure. You can put the mat of the baby monitor under this too. This will be for when you baby is new born out of the hospital - you will get good use out of this until they are about 2 months old.

  • Breast pump - Get an electric one! If you are planning on breast feeding, you don't want to be manually pumping at 3am half asleep on a chair. This one is expensive but same as a monitor, it is worth the money.

  • Dummy - from birth. Your health nurse will probably give you one. If the baby is 3 months and not sleeping, get rid of the dummy.

  • Feeding chair - this goes in the baby's room so you can feed and put straight back to bed - apart from when they are new born and they will be in a bassinet. Get one with a foot rest - you will discover why.

You won't know how you survived without...

  • Comforter - when your baby is transitioning from being swaddled to arms out, introduce this while you are feeding so your baby gets the smell of something comforting. This will be your saving grace and the only thing they need to calm them down from the age of about 4 months to 5 years old - my niece is 3 and is not letting go of hers any time soon.

  • Gro Clock - for when they can communicate back to you - this will stop them from getting out of bed at 5am and to learn when it's the right time to get out of bed and to teach them the time.

  • Teethers - you will get this at your baby shower - great for when they are teething and don't be afraid to give them baby Panadol - this will help you.

  • Highchair - some people (my sister) were very picky and wanted a high chair with foot rest so their legs weren't dangling. But don't worry too much about this - my legs were dangling and I think I am ok!

  • Nappy Bag - you will have a lot of things that you need to keep with you on the go and your handbag, as lovely as it is, won't cut the mustard! Choose a nappy bag with a water resistant to keep things spill proof. There are some wonderful ones on the market which will keep things organised in nice pockets and compartments too.

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