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If you’re looking to invest in one of the most sought after gadgets for your little one’s nursery or bedroom this year, then you’re likely aiming your sights at Ollie the Owl.

This intelligent little gadget offers a tonne of features to lull your little ones to sleep, but also to keep a close eye on them. With cry detection and built-in speakers that allow your to play soothing rainfall sounds, white noise and lullaby’s you’re in good hands when it comes time to leave your little one’s bedroom for them to get some rest.

As a tool for sleep and relaxation, you can expect to rely on Ollie the Owl as a fantastic assistant to keeping your little one from crying, and keeping them either distracted or lulled to sleep when bedtime comes around. A little time free for mum and dad isn’t taken for granted after all.

We’ll take a look at this product in more detail in our review and get some feedback from real mums who have used their Ollie the Owl to get their little ones to fall asleep.

From the pre-birth sounds, night lights, adjustable volumes and the innovative sensors that detect cries, we’ll take a deep dive into everything that makes Ollie the Owl so loved and whether it’s worth investing in one of these products for your child’s bedroom this year.

Take a look at all of the reviews for Ollie the Owl from real mums (and dads) and whether it’s worth investing in this cute, helpful little plush owl for your little one — or whether mum and dad’s special touch is better at getting your little one to sleep.

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