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Britax Safe-n-Sound Car Seats



Helping parents enjoy every twist and turn of the amazing journey that is parenthood, Britax Safe-n-Sound are highly committed to one thing and one thing only, keeping your family safe. Tried and tested the the toughest of real life situations, Britax Safe-n-Sound treat industry standards as a minimum, going above and beyond what is expected.

A pioneer in many child safety innovations, one of their most notable firsts include ISOFIX: the international standard for car seat instillation invented in collaboration with Volkswagen in 1997, providing parents with a simpler way to install their car seats. On our blog, we have shared everything you need to know about ISOFIX car seats.

Britax Safety

Britax Safe-n-Sound goes beyond to ensure your loved ones are safe on the move. They don't just comply with the latest safety standards, but champaign even safer standards! Doing what is right - not easiest - is at the centre of Britax's design philosophy.

There are key five ways in which Britax keeps children safe:

  2. Side impact innovations
  3. Rearward facing for longer
  4. In-built harness for longer
  5. Slideguard to prevent submarining

Britax Car Seats

The industry leader in car seat technology, Britax Safe-n-Sound offers a full line of child seats which include:

  • Britax travel system baby capsules - Britax has two options to choose from - birth to 6 months (approx.) and birth to 12 months (approx.) Please see product descriptions for age suitability.
  • Britax convertible car seats - Britax's range of convertible and convertible booster car seats grow with your child. They can be used in a rearward-facing position or forward-facing position.
  • Britax harnessed forward facing car seats - With a built in harness for children when they get older, these are for use in a forward-facing position.
  • Britax booster seats - For children whose shoulders are above the lower shoulder height marker (approx. 4 years of age), booster seats are for use with either a lap-sash seatbelt or an add-on accessory child harness by children.

Read Britax's Car Seat Timetable for detailed information about when to progress from each car seat model.

Britax Prams & Strollers

In addition to their car seats, Britax Safe-n-Sound has a range of strollers available under their Britax and Steelcraft brands.

From Lightweight Strollers and Reverse Handle Strollers to Umbrella Strollers and Twin Strollers, there is a number of different strollers to suit your needs. Similar to their car seats, Britax Safe-n-Sound has ensured that these designs are safe and offer flexibility in their configurations to give parents confidence.

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