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Parents today want something that is practical, durable but environmentally conscious too. It was through this mentality that the Greentom was born.

These strollers are different in every detail. First, every Greentom stroller is made completely from recycled plastic. Secondly, their strollers are super lightweight weighing only 7kgs. Finally, Greentom strollers grow up in 3 phases - it comes in Carrycot (for newborns), Reversible (for little toddlers) and Classic (for pre-schoolers) configurations.

An innovative design that completely re-thinks traditional stroller designs, the Greentom range is designed for a new generation of parents with a new generation of newborns.

Greentom Australia

The mission of Greentom is to design and produce 100% green products that make the world and the future of our children greener.

A Dutch design, the Greentom Upp combines form and function. It is this no-nonsense mentality that lies at the base of all Greentom products.

Read about the Greentom Upp on the Tinitrader blog for more information.

Greentom Stroller Reviews

Stroll safe and stroll smooth. We understand that your little one's safety and comfort is of upmost importance so we have taken the Greentom stroller for a test drive!

Read our Greentom Upp Classic Review to learn everything you need to know about this pram.

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Who doesn't love a sale? Keep an eye out on special deals for the world's favourite green pram!

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