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Maileg Toys

Perfect for imaginary play, Maileg's whimsical range of award-winning toys, costumes and furnishings are very popular with children across the globe. Their range offers different pieces appropriate for babies, young children and older children. Established in 1999, Maileg delights both adults and children with their beautiful, modern designs which are often inspired by contemporary seasons including a lovely range for Christmas and Easter each year. Made from high quality materials, Maileg toys make wonderful heirlooms to be cherished by generations of little dreamers.

Danish Design

Maileg was founded in 1999 by Dorthe Mailil and her husband. From the beginning, the label prided itself on providing cuddly companions for children that will be loved for many years as a result of good quality, whimsical designs that have been created with meticulous attention detail.

Living and working in Herning, a city in Denmark, Dorthe draws inspiration from storybooks and art. Dorthe often has a sketchbook in hand and has been known to wake up from her dreams with an idea for her next Maileg creation. Her first design, a little "pixie", was the unlikely outcome of one of Dorthe's class projects at the Danish Design School. After receiving overwhelming encouragement from her classmates, Dorthe was able to craft a whole family of Pixie's, moving from the medium of clay to felt, and so Maileg was born!

The brand name is a combination of her last name, "Mailil", and the Danish word for play, "leg".

Attention to Detail

Each distinct and unique design is manufactured from high quality material in China. Every Maileg toy shows playfulness and charm in every little detail. From delicate matchbox packaging to sweet accessories, Maileg provides imaginative children with all of the pieces they need to bring their little animal friends to life.

Build a Collection

Maileg toys make wonderful heirlooms. Each season, Maileg releases a new range of furniture and clothing to help you build up a gorgeous collection. Contemporary holidays, including Christmas and Easter, are also often celebrated with limited edition designs.