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Sustainable and organic — aren’t those the words you want to describe your child’s wardrobe? Browse Mini Rodini clothes at Tinitrader to discover this uniquely modern brand. Mini Rodini is a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. While their fun and playful designs speak to children, matching their own mood, personality and sense of fashion, quality is also equally as important, with sustainability and comfort at the forefront of the Mini Rodini design process.

Mother Earth Collection 2018

"The earth is our mother we must take care of her"

The Spring Summer '18 collection from Mini Rodini makes an important statement to look after the world's mother, earth.

Using sustainable practices to create the collection, including recycling PET bottles to make jackets and old fishnets to make the swimwear, the Mini Rodini team has created an ethical collection with a difference. They even show their gratitude to mother earth's ability, acknowledging that they "borrowed her wing and sun to make energy to sew it".

Their collection is filled with fun prints which celebrate nature. From llamas to lizards, the collection will be adored by animal lovers around the globe.

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