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With so many great 4 wheel prams on the market, being out and about with your baby doesn't need to be dreaded.

Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family or you’re ready to upgrade your pram, we have a great range of 4 wheel pram options for every budget and taste. Get access to your favourite boutiques from your hometown, or find incredible steals on used prams at TiniTrader. Shop online for home delivery, request click and collect service, or pick up your new pram in-store.

Why buy a 4 Wheel Pram?

4 wheel prams are excellent to ensure your daily activities are carried out with ease. Some great features of a 4 wheel pram include:

  • Most 4 wheel prams have a flat fold and generally have great maneuverability especially when the front wheels are smaller than the back.

  • Many of the 4 wheelers have an option of either reversing seat or handle. If it has reversing handle make sure you try pushing it on both sides of the reverse. Sometimes they can steer great one way but not so good the other.

  • Most 4 wheelers are suitable for newborns and many can take a capsule and bassinet.

See Tinitrader's full Pram Buying Guide for Parents

TiniTrader is here to help! We carry all the best things for babies, including luxurious 4-wheel prams for sale online from the brands you love and trust. You’ll love our selection of prams, which includes innovative brands and designs you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else — as well as the most popular styles that guarantee you’ll be the most stylish mum in the neighbourhood.

The Best 4 Wheel Pram Brands

Our collection of 4-wheel prams includes brands such as:

Plus many more!

Pram Advice & Reviews

Choosing the right pram for your family can be tough. With so many options out there, your pram shortlist can be endless!

Lucky Tinitrader have put together a great range of pram reviews & advice so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your pram.

Start with our Which Pram is Right for You: A Guide to Buying the Perfect Pram, covering all the pram types and what you should look for when choosing the best pram for your family.

If you're looking for a compact pram for your daily lifestyle, see out advice on The Best Urban Prams On The Market.

If the great outdoors is your thing, see out advice on The Best All Terrain Prams on the Market.

The Best Place to Find 4 Wheel Prams in Australia Is Right Here at Tinitrader

There's no better place to find the perfect 4 Wheel Pram for your family than Tinitrader. Our aim is to bring parents and pram sellers together on one user-friendly online marketplace.

Make sure you browse our complete Pram & Stroller range online including 3 Wheel Prams, Strollers, Twin Prams, Pram Accessories and more.

Best of all, get your pram delivered straight to your door when you buy online.

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