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Gone are the days of daggy cots! Today their is a variety of different colours, styles and materials available so that you can find the perfect fit for your nursery. Not only do we have cots that look good, but every cot on Tinitrader meet Australian safety standards (which are some of the strictest in the world) so parents can be reassured that their little one has a comfortable and safe place to sleep.

Finding Your Perfect Baby Cot

When buying your baby's cot, here are some things you should look for:

  • Ensure the cot meets safety standards Your babies safety is our number one priority and that’s why all our cots meet the Australian safety standards and are made from strong, sturdy materials. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, designs and shapes, you can ensure your baby is not only sleeping safely, but sleeping in style as well.

  • Functionality If you thought a cot was just for your baby to sleep in – think again! Designers have had plenty of fun and challenges creating cots that give you so much more than just a safe sleep for your baby. Many cots now are able to convert to toddler beds and even desks, making them a long term investment. Short of making you a strong coffee, cots these days tick plenty of additional boxes! Be sure to read our round up of the Top 8 Convertible Cots if this may be of interest to you.

  • Mattress Included? Make sure you check if there's a mattress included! If it doesn't, cots are often designed to fit a standard mattress. Check the description if you are unsure.

If you are wondering about which brands are trusted most by parents, check out our guide: 9 Cots Mums Love

Timber vs. Metal Cots

Which one is better? Both timber and metal cots are durable however they deliver different benefits.

Timeless, strong and sturdy; metal cots have gorgeous curves and can add a vintage look to your nursery. For a romantic look, opt for a rose gold metal cot or to keep it edgy you can buy a black or white metal cot.

A classical and streamlined design; timber and/or wooden cots are built to last. At Tinitrader, we have a wide range of timber cots to suit any nursery style. From birch baby cots to walnut baby cots, discover a range of different colours to suit the look you are going for.

How to know if your cot is safe

All cots on Tinitrader comply with Australian Safety Standards, of which there is a combination of mandatory and voluntary requirements. Considerations include:

  • Dimensions – the cot needs to be an appropriate fit for your baby. When the cot’s dropside is set at the lowest position and is closed, there should be at least 500mm between the top of the mattress to the top of the lowest side. When the cot is set to the upper position there should be 300mm distance. When the dropside is down then you need to aim for at least 150mm.

  • Secure dropside – there must be no chance of your baby being able to pull the dropside side, or for it to come down on its own. Once in place, it needs to stay that way until you next use it. You or any other adult carer should be able to move the dropside confidently and smoothly – it should not jar or be stubborn at any point. It should also not drop to the floor when opened, otherwise there’s every chance your feet will feel the full effect!

  • Mattress fit – very important as you don’t want your baby dropping/ getting caught in any gaps created by an ill-fitting mattress; the risk of suffocation is significant. Make sure there is no more than 40mm gap between the edge of the mattress and the adjacent cot side.

  • Getting stuck – check thoroughly for any potential gaps in which your baby’s head, fingers, feet or other body parts might get stuck.

  • Sturdy and smooth – is the cot very secure? No chance of it tumbling over if your baby moves too much? No chance of any pieces coming apart? Check that everything is securely in place – pieces should be either permanently in place or you should require a tool to be able to take anything apart. Run your hand over the entire cot – be sure the surface is smooth and that all contours are gentle (no blunt or sharp areas that might hurt your baby).

  • Ensure there is nothing – including toys – in the cot that would effectively give your baby an opportunity to leverage themselves over the side of the cot.

Cots on Sale

Shop online with Tinitrader for huge savings on cot furniture for your baby's nursery. We have all of the best brands on sale including Incy Cots, Oeuf Cots, Bebecare Cots, Sunbury Cots, Babyhood Cots and more!

Buying a cot on sale is one way to save money when styling your baby's nursery. For more ways to save, read our blog 8 Tips For Designing A Nursery On A Budget.

Keep an eye out for great sales and package deal that will save you both time and money!