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How to Find the Best Car Seat for Your Baby

If you’re like most new mums, safety is your top priority. You expect to leave the hospital with the best car seat possible for your new baby, but how do you know which one is right for you?

The Difference Between Infant Seats, Car Seats and Booster Seats

Your new baby will progress through at least 3 different styles of car seats as he or she gets older. After your baby is born, he or she is at her most vulnerable. The safest car seats for your new baby are rear-facing models that feature a base and a portable seat. You’ll securely attach the base to a seat in the rear of the vehicle — never in the front, as a deployed airbag can harm your infant. You can keep the base installed and remove the portable seat whenever you exit the car.

When you place your baby in an infant seat, he or she will face the back of the vehicle. Many parents hang a small, child-safe mirror off the car’s rear headrest so they can easily see their baby’s face. Your infant must always face the rear of the vehicle when riding in an infant seat. When your child outgrows the infant carrier, it’s time to upgrade to a forward-facing car seat.

The forward-facing car seat allows an older, larger child to face her parents. Like the infant car seat, the toddler car seat belongs only in the rear of the car. You’ll securely attach the car seat to your vehicle using the seat belt and possibly an anchor. You’ll secure your child in the seat using multiple harnesses. It’s important that the harnesses fit snugly, but not too tight. Plan on loosening the harnesses as your child grows.

Booster seats are for older toddlers who have outgrown the car seat. They’re not portable, but they are much lighter and easier to manage. The booster seat’s job is to elevate your child enough so that the car’s seatbelt can do its job safely.

The Best Car Seat Brands

  • Britax Safe-n-Sound - The industry leader in car seat technology, ensuring your child's safety in the car.

  • Infa-Secure - Infa-Secure provide practical, safe and affordable car seats. An Australian owned and operated family business.

  • Maxi-Cosi - High quality car seats providing safety for babies, toddlers and kids. Have been providing safe car seats for decades.

  • Safety 1st - Safety 1st provide safe, reliable and comfortable car seats for your child. Putting Safety 1st with mums and dads around the world.

  • Baby Love - Committed to making parenting easier and more enjoyable. Offering high quality car seats.

Choosing the Right Seat

Three things matter the most when choosing the car seat that’s right for you: safety and age-appropriateness, comfort for your child and ease of use for you. Even the best-reviewed car seat won’t give you what you need if you buy a model that’s meant for an older child, or if it’s too cumbersome for you to manage alone. Try several models in-store first. Practice snapping together the harness, adjusting the straps and using the base, if you’re testing an infant seat. Can you comfortably carry the seat across the store? Is there adequate padding? Can you lengthen the straps without pulling the seat away from the car? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Before you buy anything, check out the best-reviewed car seats for new babies, older babies and toddlers. Most of all, a mum-reviewed car seat is worth its weight in gold. Ask around your neighbourhood, and find out more about the preferred manufacturers — then shop for everything you need at TiniTrader.

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