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Ensuring your baby is safe at all times can be a tricky job for any parent. By purchasing a baby monitor, you are ensuring your baby is never left unattended.

Safety & Baby Monitors

Choosing a baby monitor is not always an easy decision, especially with so many models on the baby safety market! A baby monitor gives you as a parent peace of mind while your baby rests.

A great way to start is to ask yourself - what’s most important to me? Do you want to hear the baby, see the baby or know that the baby is breathing? Thinking about questions like these will allow you to select a monitor that has features that you really want.

When it comes to your baby’s safety, every investment can easily be considered as a good one

Types of Baby Monitors

When deciding what monitor to choose for your child, make sure you ask yourself, “what is most important to you?”. This will assist in the selection of the best monitor for you.

Sound Baby Monitors

Sound monitors allow you to hear the baby gurgle, sing and cry. The parent's unit will allow you to carry the monitor around the house or you can leave the unit plugged in by your bed.

Movement Baby Monitors

Movement monitors generally have sensor pads which go underneath the mattress to sense your baby’s movements. The monitor will sound an alert if no movement is detected after a certain period of time. This time will vary between different brands and models, make sure you check each unit for specific instructions. There is also a mobile movement monitor that clips easily onto your baby’s nappy.

Breathing Baby Monitors

Breathing monitors alert parents audibly and visually should your child's breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected.

Video Baby Monitors

Video monitors enable you to see your baby on a monitor screen. Ensure when choosing your video monitor that the unit captures the full area of the room you wish to see and that the screen is also large enough to see your baby. Video monitors are great for twins or keeping a watchful eye on multiple children. Also consider if the camera has Day & night Vision. Keep in mind that it is difficult to determine if the baby is breathing just by looking at a sleeping baby.

Baby Monitor Brands

We have the best range of Baby Monitor brands in Australia. You can shop the following brands online:

  • Angelcare - Angelcare want parents to understand they're not alone in this new adventure of parenthood. Angel Care's innovative and well researched designed products will help give all parents complete peace of mind.

  • Oricom - There's a reason why Oricom is one of the most well known & trusted baby safety brands. Oricom's range of video baby monitors feature the highest quality audio and visual combinations using the latest digital technology and great prices.

  • Roger Armstrong - Roger Armstrong makes a range of high quality thermometers, baby monitors and other accessories.

  • Lindam - Ensuring your child's safety with their baby monitors.

  • Respisense - Innovative portable home monitoring. Their monitors clip on nappy waistbands, monitoring pressure changes between the nappy waistband and baby's tummy, so you can see if your baby is asleep or awake.

  • Motorola - Cutting edge technology. See and hear your child whether you're home or away. Record special moments on your smartphone to share with those you love.

And many more!