salt water sandals

Wherever you’re from and however old you are, we’re sure you’ll agree that Salt Water Sandals have never gone out of style, and for a good reason. They’re comfortable, practical and make a trip to the beach a lot less about sandy socks and much more about comfort.

With almost a hundred years on Australian feet, there’s an assurance you’re getting quality, style and comfort from your Salt Water Sandals and with a range of authentic and hand-crafted leather and plastic options to choose from, we’re sure your next day out at the beach or shopping in the city is going to be more comfortable than ever.

A range of styles and colours to choose from means mum as well as the kids have something they’ll love, and being more durable than just about any other sandal out there means you’ll get plenty of use out of these timeless footwear pieces.

All of our Salt Water Sandals place reliability at the forefront and that means you’ll find rust-proof buckles and other hardware making an appearance here, meaning there’s a style for all as well as no chance of your sandals showing signs of rust or wear and tear too early in their life.

With more colours on offer than ever before and new styles being routinely released, you’ll find all of the best Salt Water Sandals on offer on our website and be sure to make your next day out at the beach more comfortable than ever, especially if the sand is just a little too warm for comfort.

Take a look at our huge range of Salt Water Sandals and get your hands on a style that will suit your casual outerwear or beach wardrobe perfectly this summer.

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