We all know that our little ones deserve to feel comfortable, and there’s no better way to ensure their comfort than with cleverly designed clothing and outerwear by Toshi.

As we’re sure mum and dad will agree, investing in high-quality designer wear for the little ones is a great way to keep them covered and protected by fabrics that won’t tear, rip or restrict movement as the kids grow.

Launched back in 1999 the Toshi brand has been offering Aussie parents and their little ones the most comfortable and environmentally friendly garments out there for decades. With a focus on quality and material safety, there isn’t too much that comes close to Toshi, and being stocked by more than 600 retailers; you’re certainly going to buy into a much-loved clothing designer.

Toshi places a primary focus on finding inspiration from nature for the design of their children’s outfits, and this means you’re finding a great set of stylish pieces that are intended for more than just trendsetting but to foster more active lifestyles.

All garments coming out of Toshi are designed in-house here in Australia, ensuring brilliant brand identity and more control over quality.

For parents looking for more accurate sizing, the carefully curated clothing sizes from Toshi are going to be your saving grace when it comes to finding shirts, shorts and accessories that fit your little one like a glove. All of Toshi’s clothing items are crafted in a way that suits children of all sizes and with stretchable and resistive fabrics, you’ll find a nice accurate fit for your little one, regardless of age.

Enjoy our selection of carefully curated Toshi products and make the investment in your little one’s comfort.

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